Project Objectives

The big data revolution makes it hard for researchers to directly explore their data. In most cases, data needs to be digested to a great extent to become accessible to domain experts. The primary motivation of developing OmicsAnalyst is to bring big data close to domain experts by leveraging two key technologies dimensionality reduction and 3D visual analytics. We show case the utilities of this platform for two common big omics data types - single-cell RNAseq and multi-omics datasets.

OmicsAnalyst has been developed to address three needs: 1) exploratory analysis of large omics and single cell data 2) multivariate-based multi-omics integration and 3) intuitive web-based 3D visualization. The 3D-based scatter plot visualization was implemented using innovative WebGL technology. It supports various style customization, comparative analysis, dimension reduction and clustering for hypothesis generation and systems-level insights.

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Pancreatic cells
IBD metabolites/microbes

Supported file formats: .graphml, .sif or .txt file containing edge list. For more information, please read our FAQs or download example files below.

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