There are three major steps in multi-omics analysis using OmicsAnalyst:

  1. Individual data processing: upload and process individual omics data sets that share the same sample names. For common model organisms (human and mouse), OmicsAnalyst contains built-in annotations for transcriptomics, proteomics, metabolomics and miRNAs.
  2. Method selection: select from a wide array of univariate and multi-variate statistics to integrate data sets, construct correlation networks, perform multi-view clustering, as well as dimension reductions.
  3. Visual analytics: visually explore the results using three interactive visualization approaches - networks (2D/3D), heatmaps, and 3D scatter plots. The implementations allow various customization and support targeted analysis.

In addition, there are two smaller steps of "Quality Check" and "Parameter Check" in between the three major steps. Both provide summary plots of results from the previous step, to allow users to make sure that everything looks as it should before proceeding to the next major step.

Flow Chart