Update History

  • Improved documentations (updated FAQs and added video Tutorials) (12/20/2020);
  • Added a Gallery page to showcase several key graphical capacities (12/08/2020);
  • Code refactoring and interface updates (11/20/2020);
  • Interface changes to the method selection page to expose more parameters (11/16/2020);
  • Added supported for partial correlation (11/12/2020);
  • Added support for PLS, rCCA algorithms(10/15/2020);
  • Added "Quality Check" page (09/20/2020);
  • Added support for DIABLO algorithm (09/11/2020);
  • New data upload interface (08/25/2020);
  • Implemented dual-heatmap viewer (08/09/2020);
  • Added enrichment analysis for metabolites (07/28/2020);
  • Users can perform targeted analysis on selected meta-data group or cluster (07/25/2020);
  • Added support for metabolic enrichment analysis (06/20/2020);
  • Added support for miRNA enrichment analysis (06/12/2020);
  • Implemented additional graph layout options for different use cases (04/29/2020);
  • Added support for miRNA upload (04/20/2020);
  • Implemented dual-heatmap viewer (04/05/2020);
  • Implemented network viewer, added supported for univariate correlation (03/25/2020);
  • Added support for animation view (01/20/2020);
  • Added non-parametric tests, limma, DEseq2, EdgeR for comparative analysis (01/18/2020);
  • Users can now highlight edges connecting omics sample pairs in integrative analysis; (01/15/2020);
  • Code refactoring and interface updates (01/10/2020);
  • Improved zooming effect (updating distances instead of size) (01/05/2020);
  • Added support for clustering within meta-data groups (01/02/2020);
  • Enhanced node rendering for better visual experience (12/31/2019);
  • Added tutorials - overview of OmicsAnalyst and multi-omics case-study (12/23/2019);
  • Users can now switch the content between the main view and inset view (12/18/2019);
  • Updated the gene annotation libraries based on the lastest NCBI and UniProt (12/16/2019);
  • Improved the color schemes based on ggplots for better visual experience (12/10/2019);
  • Added three new example datasets for testing and use case studies (12/05/2019);
  • Users can now customize the floor and background colors of the 3D environment (12/01/2019);
  • Code cleaning and refactoring (11/22/2019);
  • Added support for synchronized view for both sample space and feature space (11/15/2019);
  • Added support for Procrustes Analysis for integrative visualization of two omics data sets (11/10/2019);
  • Added an option for "explosive view" to further seperate clusters for better visual exploration (11/01/2019)
  • Added support for plotting ellipsoid around each cluster (10/25/2019);
  • Users now can double click the contour to select the corresponding clusters for comparative analysis (10/12/2019);
  • Added "contours" on the detected clusters (10/03/2019);
  • Added support for Density Peak Clustering (DPC) algorithm for discerning clusters of data points (09/28/2019)
  • Added support for shading effect for data points (09/21/2019)
  • Interface updates and code cleaning (09/15/2019)
  • OmicsAnalyst website setup (08/20/2019)
  • Improved performance for visualizing ~10,000 of data points (07/24/2019)
  • First prototype of 3D scatter plot with WebGL (07/01/2019)
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